Colin has shown great leadership since day one. He has been a great influence to his peers, and his dedication and commitment really shows through in his performance and results. Colin realizes that you need to put your time in the gym and he has done that. Colin is one of the hardest working athletes that we have every worked with at NL, and his work ethic will translate later in life. Great work Colin!
“No Limit sparked my pursuit of fitness.”
Colin. H
Adam was on the St. Mark 8th grade basketball team when No Limit first worked with him.  A standout athlete, always with a great attitude, has accomplished a lot over the time we’ve known him.  Playing soccer and basketball in his early years, he eventually focused solely on soccer.  He soon found himself winning the championship of the U19 NCYSA.  He also helped his high school make it to the 4A semi finals.  Always top of his class as a student athlete, he remains in the top 20th percentile.  This young man will continue to do big things and inspire athletes all around.  Thanks Adam!
“No Limit has transformed my body and life into something I can be proud of” – Adam F.

Jack and Kyle have done an excellent job at No Limit. These brothers have done a 180 in their direction with athletics. Week in and week out these two have put in the work and now they have set themselves up for a great future. They will continue to accel through lacrosse and beyond. Each bring a great presence to No Limit. Jack has a relentless work ethic while batteling through bang ups and injuries. His mentality of pushing through is why he is where he is today. Kyle always has the best time at No Limit, really getting the most out of his experience. Constantly happy and ready to work. I really do look forward to seeing what these two do in their live. Great work Jack and Kyle.
“I think No Limit is a place where you get out what you put in.”
Jack. M
“You can do anything in life, there truly is No Limit.”
Kyle. M
Ever since Shane stepped into No Limit he has been an immediate impact. With constant work ethic and relentless routines, Shane has always out his best effort in the gym. Shane was a lacrosse 4year varsity letter man in high school. As well as Phi Kappa tau spring ’15 pledge class president. Shane also has aspirations to serve in the military. After working with Shane I believe he fits the mold. great job Shane.
“No Limit has helped me become the man and athlete I am today.”
Shane. H
When No Limit first met Connor, he was apprehensive at starting the program. When we got the ball rolling Connor took the bull by the horns and became a beast in the gym! He has been making tremendous gains in the gym and his performance is improving weekly. Connor is a great example for anyone that might be timid about starting at NL. Connor and Time go to show that if you put the work in, you will get the result out! Great work Connor.
“A man that pushes his boundaries has No Limit.”
Connor. G
Noah is and always has been a hard worker! This young man came in with the right attitude and focused on getting better from day one. On top of being a student athlete, Noah is also a musician and the brother of 3 siblings.  He has great leadership qualities and is sure to be successful at soccer and life if he keeps going down this road.
“No Limit is the inspiration to go above and beyond. And even further.”
Noah. L
Scott is the true definition of the tower of power. When Scott first came to No Limit he could barely touch rim, now he is YAMMIN on everyone. I am really excited to see where this young man takes his basketball career. Keep up the good work Scott.
“Thank you No Limit for everything you have taught me.”
Scott. H
Drew has always been a go-getter form day one. Always determined and putting his attention to detail first. Never shaky, he knows that failure is a part of it. Drew has shown great heart and improvement. Drew is one of the standouts in his class leading in strength and speed.  Definitely one of the best competitors No Limit has ever worked with. Drew always puts it on the line no matter what the cost. His fearlessness definitely puts him ahead.
” No Limit has helped me reach goals I never thought were possible.”
Drew. B
Tommy went from form average to savage. This young man has show great heart and determination.  Through his consistency and and hard work, his results have shown. Not only has Tommy built his body but he has also built his mind. Tommy is now continuing his education and coaching the next generation of young athletes. Through his influence I know he will pass the torch properly. Great work Tommy.
” I have tried and failed then stayed and prevailed! Thanks No Limit, you have changed my life.”
Tommy. M
Corey has only been with No Limit for a short time but has had a huge impact on his fitness. Not only has he transformed his body but he has also transformed his lifestyle.  He is not done yet. Corey will continue to refine his results and pursue his peak physical condition.  Hard work like this is what makes dreams come true.  Great work Corey I am proud of what you have accomplished in the time we have known each other, and you should be too.
“No Limit has shown me the map, and given me the drive.  Now it’s on me to make the journey!”
Corey. E

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