Measurable Results

Our system has been tried and proven over many years with many clients from new to experienced we get the job done! Don’t believe us, check out our testimonials.

Customized Workouts

Workouts will be individualized per person / per need and result! If you want to get faster on the field or you want to drop some pounds, then No Limit can get it done for you!

Improve Your Performace

If strength and conditioning is what you need, then No Limit has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you strive for.  As former, athletes we pride ourselves on improving the next generation of athletic performance.

Achieve Your Goals

No Limit’s mission is to help anyone and everyone achieve their highest health and fitness potential. We constantly try to improve our craft and knowledge in our industry and would love to continue to help the people of our community.

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Steve Schmidt

Fitness Trainer, CPT, CPR, Conditioning Specialist, Wellness Consultant

Melissa Schmidt

CPT, BS Kin, CPR, Conditioning Specialist, Wellness Consultant

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